Graduation Day 2012
Birthday celebration was held at Brindavan Public School Chengalpattu.

Educomp smart class Inauguration - Chengalpattu

One Day Trip - Kishkinta

Workshop for Higher Secondary Students



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Conducted a Blood Donation Camp to coincide with the children's day on November 14

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This school was originally founded  as a branch of the Brindavan Public School at Coonoor, in 1975.  Today, it is a full fledged school affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi and the Board for Matriculation  and Higher Secondary Education of Tamil Nadu. 


The school is tucked away in the scenic environs of Athur, 61 km from Chennai.  Athur is a picturesque village on the banks of the River Palar, about 5 km west of Chengalpattu town.  The climate is pleasant all year through and the southern breeze that blows across Palar cools the tree-studded campus.





Shirts 4 White with blue stripes (full sleeved)


4 The prescribed shade of (Blue)
Socks 2 White
Shirts 2 White full sleeved [Wednesday]
Shorts/Trousers 2 White [Wednesday]
Shorts 2 Navy Blue [Games]
T.Shirts 2 Beige [Games]
Blouse 4 White with blue stripes (full sleeved)
Skirts 4 The prescribed shade of blue
Socks 2 White
Blouse 2 White half sleeved [Wednesday]
Shirt 2 White [Wednesday]
Classes XI and XII 4 Blue Salwar, White & Blue Stripped Kurta, Blue Dupata
T-Shirt 2 Beige [Games]
Skirt 2 Navy Blue [Games]

Primary Students displaying their models


Trunk 1
Suitcase (Small) 1
Air bag 1
Colour bed Sheets 4
White bed Sheets 4
Pillow Cases 4
Towels 4
Hankies 6
Night suits/nighties 6
Vests/petticoats 6
Underpants/underwear 6
Casual wear 6 sets
Napkins for Std I to V 6
Sweater 2
Raincoat with cap 1
Lock and key 1
Bucket 1
Mug 1
Nail Cutter 1
Cricket Cap 1
Black Shoes 1 pair
Canvas Shoes (White) 1 pair
Shoes (Casual wear) 1 pair
Slippers (leathers) 1 pair
Slippers (Hawaii) 1 pair
Socks (white) 2 pairs
Socks (colour) 2 pairs
School bag 1
Shoe Polish & Brush 1 set
Comb & Hair Brush 1 set
Black Belt 2 nos
Toiletries as required
Tiny Tots fixing puzzles

Students improving their language skills
in the language room


5.00-5.15 Wake-up call & Bed Tea
5.15-6.00 P.T.
7.00-8.15 Study
8.15-8.45 Breakfast
8.45-9.00 Assembly
9.00-1.15 Classes
1.15-2.00 Lunch
2.00-3.20 Classes
3.30-4.30 Supervised Study
4.30-4.45 Tea
4.45-6.00 Games
6.30-7.30 Study
7.30-8.15 Dinner
8.15-9.15 Study
9.30 Lights out