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The staff at Brindavan are equipped with teaching pedagogies refined over 60+ years and work in stress free environments towards the incredibly rewarding mission of nurturing exemplary citizens of tomorrow. Our teachers provide essential input in planning and implementing the curriculum we offer. Professional development and collaboration with colleagues are necessary ingredients in helping teachers fulfil their responsibilities. Our teachers are passionate about shaping young minds and instilling in them curiosity and the desire to learn. Brindavan seeks educators who share these values. You may apply via the form below or send a cover letter and resume to

Athur Vacancies

Coonoor Vacancies

Dorm Warden

> 5 years experience

Kodaikanal Vacancies

Junior School Coordinator

Masters Degree, B.Ed.

> 5 years experience


Rejani Nair | M.Sc., B.Ed.

The school played a very important role in my teaching career. The seminars, workshops and in-service courses conducted by the school exposed me to a variety of teaching methods. The scenic environment, assistance given by the management, collaboration with colleagues and the love of the students are the prime reasons for my 17 years and counting at Brindavan.


Sangeeetha H | M.Sc., B.Ed. Science

While professional development is a major focus, teachers are given the space to contribute ideas and experiences. Teachers are encouraged to develop deeper bonds with students outside the classroom.

Jeevajothi Vincent_edited_edited.jpg

Jeevajothi V | M.A., DCA

The magnificent environment sets the perfect ambience for students and teachers to immerse themselves. The management encourages the staff to be creative in their respective classrooms. There is no hierarchy; everyone is treated with respect and we work in a truly collaborative environment.

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